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Valentine's Day

I like how LJ gets all festive on the holidays. I'm liking the hearts design on the inner LJ pages. I changed my layout last night to one of the style contest winners, so LJ is all shiny and new for me today.

Though I must admit, Valentine's Day is more fun if you're a kid or in a committed relationship. And even that's not guaranteed if your partner isn't romantic in the slightest. When I was single and unattached, which still comprises the the majority of my years, Valentine's Day was just another day. Despite the fact that Cliff and I have been together for 6 years, it still feels almost odd to treat the day as special.

But Valentine's Day means probably more than usual to us because our wedding anniversary is tomorrow. It'll be our 4th. I tell people, Cliff has two days to remember. As long as he remembers at least one of 'em, he's okay. Heh. Cliff is actually more romantic than I am, the dear man.

I woke Cliff up this morning with a little breakfast and cocoa-coffee and a V-Day card. He'll get a couple of e-cards today and a couple tomorrow. I already gave him some of his favorite candy yesterday. Tomorrow night, we're going out to eat to celebrate. He has told me that he has "something planned". In years past, he's sent lovely flowers, so I imagine something along those lines.

He was reluctant to tell me he had "something planned", but when I ooohed over the Vermont Teddy Bears website, he said, "You're not getting that!" I kinda stared at him and told him I wasn't asking for anything, I just thought the bears were cute.

I must admit, I have a bad habit of admiring things in the company of people that might assume I'm asking for said things without actually asking explicitly. My mother used to yell at me when I was a kid, "You can't have that!" I'd look at in confusion and then have to explain I wasn't asking for (fill in the blank). I just thought it was cool. I guess I pulled the same thing on Cliff. Whoops.

For the record, it is possible to admire things with no thought of actually receiving the aforementioned thing. Just sayin'...

Anyways, I turned the tables on Cliff. There was a jewelry commercial on during some show we were watching, showing off some diamond pendant. I turned to Cliff and said, "You're not getting that!"


Jack update, Valentine's Day and GIP

GIP! I got a little creative today and made this icon.

Jack. He does not have Feline Urinary Tract Syndrome. He does have quite the infection, though. After getting fixed last week, Jack licked his genitals to an excessive amount. Per the vet, he licked his penis so much that he got an infection that traveled up to his bladder. Poor pervert kitty. However, his little empty testicle sacs are fine. The vet said he "expressed Jack's bladder, which Jack did not appreciate AT ALL." There was no blockage and no crystals in the urine, but considerable blood in the bladder due to the infection.

The vet said he had seen this condition in females much more frequently. Additionally, males tend to take longer to get over bladder infections. When I pick Jack up from the vet tonight, I'll be taking him home with antibiotics. The vet warned me it may take more than one course of antibiotics to clear Jack of the infection. However, if a second course of antibiotics does not do the trick, then he wants to bring Jack in for bloodwork. Jack should be feeling better by Thursday. *fingers crossed*

Last, but never least, is my romantic husband Cliff. I received a "FTD Sweethearts Bouquet" at work this morning. It's in a cool square red vase with some pretty orchids flowers (I'm no expert) and carnations. The scent is very nice and the arrangement is lovely. Cliff is such a sweetie. Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I wonder if something is in store then, too. Last year he did, but I don't plan on EXPECTING something.

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